Declaration of invalidity of registered Trademark

A registered trademark shall be declared invalid by the trademark office if it is in violation of Article 10, Article 11 or Article 12 of this Law, or its registration is obtained by fraudulent or other illegitimate means. Other entities or individuals may request the trademark review and adjudication board to declare the aforesaid registered trademark invalid.

The prior rights holder or interested party may request the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board to declare the registered trademark invalid within 5 years from the date of trademark registration For malicious registration, the well-known trademark owner is not subject to a five-year time.

① Violating the Trademark Law : infringing on unregistered well-known trademarks:

② Violating the Trademark Law : infringement on a well-known registered trademark:

③ Violating the Trademark Law : Squatting of unregistered trademarks due to business relationship;

④ Violating the Trademark Law : if the trademark contains false geographical indications:

⑤ Violating the Trademark Law : which are the same as or similar to trademarks that have been previously registered or preliminary examined:

⑥ Violating the Trademark Law : the principle of "first-to-file" supplemented by "first-use":

⑦ Violating the Trademark Law : infringement of prior rights; squatting of well-known unregistered trademarks by improper means:

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