How to combat Online Trademark infringement?

it is no surprise that trademark infringement can happen frequently on the site.

e.g. Amazon : 

There are several ways that trademark or brand infringement may occur on Amazon Marketplace. To prevail on a trademark infringement allegation, a party must prove that:

  • it owns a valid trademark; and
  • the defendant’s use of the trademark is likely to cause confusion.
Filing a notice of infringement

Along with its brand registry, Amazon also offers trademark owners the ability to file a notice of infringement. If the trademark owner is enrolled in the registry, it can use the ‘report a violation’ tool to report an allegedly infringing product listing. If the trademark owner is not enrolled, it can still submit a written notice of infringement. The written notice should include:

  • the specific identification of the mark that is infringed;
  • the nature of infringement;
  • a list of infringing products, using either ASINs or URLs; and
  • additional information to help Amazon better process the complaint.

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