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Services should be lined, integrated and complementary not only with other IP services but also with non-IP services.  IP services can be integrated with other support services to provides comprehensive packages of service that support companies in all phases of the innovation process, from the development of ideas up till the commercialization of intangible assets.  Complementary services focusing on all phases of IP management, from awareness-raising activities and economic incentive information to training and litigation support services.

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Tailor Made Services according to the Client Profile

Orienting IP consultancy services towards the customer facilitates the business organization's ability to adapt and tailor the service to the needs of the particular company; delivering a service to SMEs or an innovator is very different from delivering the same service to a multinational company.  Customer-orientation can be achieved through conducting user satisfaction surveys or by asking the staff that any usually in contact with the companies.

Less Expensive than other agents

Less expensive than other agents
Trademarking doesn’t actually take that much time. It simply doesn’t take much time to perform a conflict search or file a trademark application. The client is paying for our experience and expertise, not time. Traditional trademark attorneys waste a lot of time and bill their clients for it, primarily because of the fore-mentioned difficulty trademark attorneys have in acquiring clients. Because we work efficiently and have plenty of clients, we can charge 30-50% of what other agents charge and manage to earn a good net hourly rate.

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Patent Attorneys, Intellectual Property Consultants,  Chartered Marketers, Senior Management teams, Creative Logo Designers, etc. 

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JPMarket Fast HKTM  "One-stop-IP-shop" - is an online tools to assist business in understanding their current IP initiatives and on-line IP (Patents, Trademarks, Designs and copyrights) application process.

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