How does a right owner report a trademark counterfeiting activity?

The right owner should furnish the following information to Hong Kong Customs when reporting a trademark counterfeiting activity:

  • relevant Trademark Certificate as proof of the trademark having been registered in HKSAR;
  • sample of the genuine product and the offending goods;
  • in case the recordation is filed by a party other than the right owner, written authorization for the party to complete the recordation and assist in criminal prosecution or other legal action on the right owner's behalf is required; and
  • appointment letter in regard to a competent examiner by the right holder to conduct subsequent seizure identification and undertake to give evidence and testify in court.

You are encouraged to report information to us by:

  • Information Hotline(24-hour)
    (852) 2545 6182
  • Fax
    (852) 2543 4942
  • Mail
    Commissioner of Customs and Excise
    G.P.O Box No. 1166 ; or 
  • Email

All information of the informants will be kept strictly confidential.

Source : Hong Kong Customs

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